Technical Support Guidelines

Please observer the following guidelines when requesting technical support. We are always busy so the most efficient method for us to manage technical support requests is for you the use Help Desk tickets. Requests made by phone, email, or word of mouth generally slow down the process. If you cannot access the Help Desk, your building secretary can submit a ticket for you. Help Desk tickets assist us to set work priorities, document solutions, track recurring problems, and communicate with you. The following guidelines promote the efficient management of technical support requests:

  • Use the help desk system
  • Only call if it is an emergency and if you do call use the help desk extension 2330
  • If you do call and no one answers, submit a help desk ticket. If you just leave a voicemail without submitting a ticket it slows us down
  • Do not send requests by email, it always slows us down
  • If you want to nudge us about a ticket, use the help desk system. It leaves a record.
  • It is OK to call, if it is an emergency (use extension 2330)
  • It is OK to stop us when we are in the building, it is more efficient then coming back. Just help us out by submitting a ticket
  • When submitting a ticket, enter the necessary information. If you ask for toner but don't list the printer model we have to spend extra time looking it up
  • Try to test things out prior to using in class, it will work out better for everyone

A help desk ticket creates a permanent record. All correspondence through the help desk system is recorded. We cannot make a ticket go away if you are not satisfied. We all see the help desk tickets and can respond. Please help us have a chance in providing the best support possible by respecting the guidelines listed above.

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